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Monika Michalko & Christoph Blawert – HERE A HELLO AND THERE A SMALL HAIRCUT  

Malerei, Zeichnung, Installation

Vom 04. bis zum 25. Juli 2009 zeigen die Hamburger Künstler Monika Michalko und Christoph Blawert ihre neuesten Arbeiten.

Later we stumble into the big room. Here they are sitting and laughing and smoking. All chairs are occupied. We try to go through, touch the backs and breasts of the people we know. Here a hello and there a small joke. We sit down on the heating at the window. Their noses, mouths and hands make us feel uncomfortable. We stare out in the night of the town (a few windows, a few lights, a little bit of fog). A strange person appears in the door and takes a seat on the sofaback. We change the music into a louder one, which immediatly will be negated. Afterwards we sit again on the glowing heating, silent drinking and starting to fall into an endless mindrotation.